Chakra Renewal:
Mystic Healing

Location: TBA
​Date: TBA

Unstick and re-align your spirit in daily life through demystifying the ancient energetic map of the Chakras.
Mandy will guide you through the foundations of each Chakra and the subtle body energy system; Nadis, Sushumna Channel and Kundalini. Learn how to explore and balance your own chakras by recognizing excessive or under-active traits in your psychology or physiology. We will speak to mantra (sound), movement (asana), breath and meditation as tools to clear possible blocks. Mandy will guide a Flow practice speaking to each chakra and kick-start prana into much-needed areas.

What You Learn:


  • What are the Chakras?
  • The Subtle Body Energy System
  • ​The Nadis, Sushumna Channel, and Kundalini
  • How prana (energy) flows through the body for optimal health
  • The Chakras of the material plane & higher consciousness
  • The positive, excessive or underactive characteristics of each chakra and how they show up in your life.
  • When blockages go unchecked: side effects emotional, mental and physical
  • How to enliven the Chakras through sound (mantra), movement (asana), breath and meditation
  • A flowing practice speaking to each chakra combining the techniques above to resolve blockages
  • A final Guided Meditation on your choice of Chakra.

A follow-up email includes crystals and scents for each chakra alongside some review. Some yoga experience encouraged.