Tune your physiological responses and Release psychological blocks.

Mandy will guide you on a hike exploring walking and sound meditation. Apply the breath to rediscover your inherit joy and assimilate the healing power of nature. You will be guided through a 30 min Yin Yoga practice along side a seated final meditation. Expect a light-hearted afternoon and to come away with a greater sense of connection to one's spirit.

Snuff out Stagnation, Raise your energy level and Recognize negative patterns.

Learn through the use of pranayama (breath work) how to draw up much needed​ prana ( energy) and acknowledge your samskara (negative habits). Expect 1/2 hour of lecture and some journaling with a 90 min Prana Practice to leave you feeling lighter and brighter to take on your week.

Ignite Power with Intention 

Includes build your own mala for the year ahead

Start Spring brightly with an intention to carry you through this year with focus! Learn what Mala's are used for in meditation, why they can be a powerful tool and how to choose yours.

You will:
- Explore the history of the Mala
- Have a practice built to encourage awareness of your subtle body with breath and movement
- Build a deep understanding of what you need in order to build an intention and a mala for your coming year.
- Pick all the crystals (semi-precious stones), guru bead, tassel and charm after practice to seal your intention.​