Living Wisdom Workshop

Taking Your Yoga Practice to New Depths

Jan 2020
 Early: $35
After Dec 29th $45

Re-align to inner truth & clarity, as we immerse ourselves in the essence of Yoga— body, mind & spirit. Mandy will guide you through the foundations of traditional eastern yoga while sharing yogic techniques long passed down from teacher to student. With elements of meditation, balancing pranayama, empowering movement and more, we'll bring our practice to new depths of connection. Alongside traditional techniques, there will be a discussion of the 'why' we practice and 'how' yoga brings us closer to a life of boundless love. Join Mandy today, for a class not soon forgotten, as we explore our inherent wisdom within, embracing our divinity & our best selves.​​

Open to all levels!
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What We'll Explore:

  • ​​​ A traditional yoga practice integrating classic postures (with energetic influence) to prepare the body & mind for meditation.
  • Guided Meditation that implements the new techniques learned and ultimately connects body, mind & spirit.
  • Q & A with Mandy will be limited, however, you're welcome to ask questions after the meditation.
  • A brief review of eastern yoga shifting to western molds
  • The purpose of yoga (might surprise you!) & 'why' we practice
  • How we can grow to a practice sourced from love, truth & surrender
  • The 3 barriers of the mind as the source of discomfort
  • The 4 keys to letting go, allowing more happiness in life
  • The traditional techniques of sadhana (practice) to progress effectively on your path (brief overview)
    • Pranayama
    • Mantra
    • Selfless Service
    • Meditation
After the Workshop, you will receive a follow-up email to support the journey to come, including:
  • includes a review of our time together
  • mantra recording
  • Our song used during practice
  • a copy of the guided meditation (including the pranayama)

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Loving Words About Mandy's Workshops

'Attending an information session with Mandy Elizabeth is a step into balance and love.  The light she sheds on the history of yoga, transitioning into breath work to support and enhance yoga practice as well as a tool to reduce stress and anxiety is invaluable.  Mandy’s thorough and well-paced presentation of the history through to hands-on experiential movement brings participants into a greater understanding of the importance of yoga and recognizing self as part of all that we encounter.  Her rich descriptions and loving support leave participants wanting more.  I am truly excited to experience further sessions that will promote my well-being and my relationship to others and nature.'
~ Teresa Munro