1. Managing Director
    Playas Maderas, Nicaragua
  2. Managing Director
    Villas de Palermo Hotel & Resort, San Juan del Sur
  3. Managing Director
    Playas Maderas, Nicaragua
  4. Managing Director
    Woods of BC
  5. Managing Director
    Casa Maderas, Nicaragua
  6. Managing Director
    Pinery, Ontario


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Rediscover your inner compass - de-stress your mind and body

1-Day Meditation Retreat
February 17th, 2019
Cost: $155+hst ~ Earlybird $135+hst

Join Mandy for a day of self-care and self-inquiry as we dive into a journey for peaceful living, bye, bye stress! This is a wonderful opportunity to experience what a day of mindfulness, yoga, and meditation can do for the balance of mind/body/soul. The retreat is designed to develop an understanding of how the practices of meditation & mindfulness cultivate space in the mind, filter reactivity and initiate freedom from past conditioning

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Northern Edge Harmonize Your Life Ayurvedic Retreat
TBA 2019
Cost: $695-$895 +tax

Come revitalize with a weekend of balance in the unbelievable beauty of Algonquin Park. Lynda and Mandy will take you on a journey of connection through the main principles of Ayurveda, leaving you realigned with nature and your optimal self. With 3 workshops, 4 Yoga classes, moonlight canoe paddle, bonfire connections, Ayurvedic food and more, you'll be ready to make real shifts to balance in your life (and not just on your retreat).

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